Why TDS?

TDS provides transformer and circuit breaker leak sealing solutions around the world. Our proven experience and commitment to excellent customer service has made us the leak sealing company of choice for the power industry.

TDS is the only company in the world that specializes in substation leak sealing. TDS devotes 100% of their time to the repair of transformer oil and SF6 gas leaks with over 15 years of work dedicated to the electrical utility industry. Our representatives, technicians, and management only work in substations and are extremely knowledgeable about leak sealing on transformers and circuit breakers.

Our leak sealing techniques are designed to repair oil and SF6 gas leaks on energized equipment whenever possible. This results in substantial cost savings over traditional repair methods that require expensive equipment outages. TDS leak repair techniques also provide maximum flexibility to Utility Asset Managers when making decisions on replacing or refurbishing equipment.

TDS personnel “walk the walk”. We ask customers to provide us with some leak concerns so that we can field demonstrate our leak repair methods. This allows utility personnel to physically observe leak sealing in action. This sample work is performed at no risk to the customer. If TDS doesn’t fix the leak, the customer doesn’t pay.

Take advantage of our Free Substation Survey. Our representatives will review your leak sealing requirements, providing documentation of the leaks and proposed TDS repair methods. This not only allows utility management to develop an “action plan” to address leaks, but is also effective at showing regulatory agencies like the EPA that utility management has “their arms around the problem”.

Our commitment is to maintain your trust and confidence through superior performance and service. For cost-effective and comprehensive management over oil and SF6 gas leaks at your facility, contact TDS today.