Free Substation Survey

TDS offers its customers free substation surveys. Our representatives are trained to survey transformers and oil circuit breakers for oil leaks. Each leak is documented, photographed, and the results of the survey are sent to TDS. The results are provided to the customer on a spreadsheet listing the substation location, equipment surveyed, a description of the leak, repair method, an itemized repair cost, and any necessary additional information such as outage requirements.

Please see our Representative section to locate a representative in your area.

TDS Leak Control Program


As those in the electrical industry know, the EPA frowns upon oil leaks and SF 6 gas leaks on substation equipment. Unfortunately, repairing those leaks is a very expensive matter.  Using conventional methods, transformers must be de-energized, grounded, and the oil drained from the radiators and, often times, the main tank, to fix even minimal leaks.  This also applies to oil circuit breakers and SF 6 gas breakers. The equipment must be taken out of service and disassembled to affect the repair. Although utility crews can make these repairs, frequently the equipment is too valuable to take out of service or the crews are too busy with other substation maintenance requirements. Consequently, the leak goes unchecked leaving the utility vulnerable during EPA inspections and subject to significant fines.

TDS Surveys and Utility Leak Control

It has been the experience of many utilities that an EPA inspection quickly evolves into an examination of company records and documentation.  Specifically, two questions are asked; 1) Do you document your oil leaks and SF6 gas leaks? and 2) Is there an action plan in affect to repair those leaks?  Cooperative efforts between TDS and our customers have resulted in excellent examination results.

  • Free Surveys performed by TDS Representatives: Provided directly to utility management free of charge.
  • Utility Management:  TDS surveys can be reviewed by substation personnel for accuracy and then given to management.  Management now has the information to develop an action plan.  Each leak can be addressed and an appropriate repair method selected.  In some cases, the leak will be contained because the equipment is being replaced.  In other situations, the transformer may be due for an overhaul and containment will be used until the overhaul is completed.  TDS utilizes extensive methods for repairing transformers and circuit breakers on-line and we currently perform these types of repairs for a number of major utilities.
  • EPA Inspection:  This documentation and action plan has proved very effective in demonstrating that the utility managers have their “arms around the problem.”

TDS would appreciate your consideration as a cost effective alternative for leak repair that must be completed promptly on equipment required to stay in service.