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Transformer Cleaning, Oil Leak Detection and Repair Caulk

TDS distributes the following quality products to assist in cleaning transformers, oil leak detection and repairing small weld leaks.

Transformer Cleaner

Quality Products for Transformer Oil Leak Detection, Cleaning and Repair by TDSOil stained and dirty transformers are targets for environmental inspections and sanctions. TDS Transformer Cleaner is an industrial strength cleaning solution that will have your equipment looking like new. It can be used full strength on heavy soil or diluted to 5 to 1 for medium soil or 10 to 1 for light soil. It is the ideal solution for pressure washing. TDS Transformer Cleaner is 100% Bio-Degradable and Water Soluble so it can be used without any harm to the environment.

TDS Transformer Cleaner is sold by the case. Each case contains (6) 1 gallon containers.

Oil Leak Detector

Use TDS Oil Leak Detector to determine the exact component that is leaking. Spray a light coating of the detector on the leaking component. The leak will turn the powder dark indicating the specific gasket or packing that has failed. Oil Leak Detector is especially useful in finding pinhole or small weld seam cracks on transformers.

TDS Oil Leak Detector is sold by the box. Each box has (9) 3-ounce spray cans.

Repair Caulk

This product is formulated to tackle weld and seam leaks where there is an active leak. To repair small pinhole or cracks in welded seams, first use TDS Transformer Cleaner to thoroughly clean the leaking area. Then use TDS Oil Leak Detector to locate the exact source of the leak. Peen some material into the leaking area to temporarily stop the leak. Then apply TDS Repair Caulk over the leaking area to stop the leak. Repair Caulk is fast acting (cures in 5 minutes) and has superior adhering qualities.

TDS Repair Caulk is available in boxes of (12) 6 inch sticks.

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